(photography series 2012)

"Touching Wodyński's work is the primary association representing the otherwise overwhelming painterly medium primary author. The author in his series of photograms calls for a reflection on the essence of a man so dehumanized today. Alienated, degraded and tarnished loveless. Burning your anxiety, so I just fear for what is not frozen scream symptom of fear and terror. Wodyński becomes the intermediary between the smile of a lost childhood dreams and terrifying message hidden in an outstanding work of Francisco Goya, entitled: "Saturn devouring his children." Since our audience is up, or creator's imagination make contact with our senses."

Jarosław Pijarowski
artist, art curator
, 2012


"Exzistances is a series of paintings presenting the individual manner of existing of the man, the tragic quality of human existence, included in the dissonance between making aware oneself of the own finiteness and desire for the infinity. Played figures at Łukasz images are experiencing their being in the tragic way. Their overfilled faces are anxiety and the pessimism, resulting most probably from losing and the solitude. Every of these forms was in a dead-end situation, limited by the own finiteness."

Ma Lena Wasielewska
performer, designer
, 2011


"The world presented by Wodyński is not the visible one. His dramatic figures are illuminated by the nothingness of background as well as dark and vivid colours.

The artist destroys the physical clarity of his models by blood-red sweeping brush strokes and thus he annihilates their realistic meaning. The figures set in the centres of his canvases seem to elbow forward and proudly raise their heads or bottoms. They are however helpless in the face of their creator's destructive force. The dynamic movement and bold track of the brush turn the painting into a soft and viscid surface.
It is the testimony of the artist's impressions, deep restlessness and the process of discovering his own impulsive, untamed and individualistic nature.

Thus, it is justified to refer here to the "slaughtered Ox" " painting by Rembrandt van Rijn, perceived by the Dutch not only as a form of still life but also as an extraordinarily strong means of expression. Similar expressiveness is also present in Francs Bacon's works.
The proud and motionless silhouettes seem captured by a celluloid film frame. They are scratched, bitten, whipped and destroyed with colourful paint until they are altered into Magdalena Abakonowicz's "Torsos", merely made of red connevtive tissue and flesh.

The bold movements of the brush alter the living creatures - thus looking inside them resembles butchery.
Creating his works the artist indeed paints his own corporeal nature, as if Dorian Grey's portrait, in which blood and paint never dry. It is the turpentine of his body. It is the anatomy of frailty of work and life."

Art. Painter Prof. Andrzej Kałucki, PhD
Profewssor at Faculty of Fine Arts Universitas Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń
, 2010


"Wodyński focuses on the forms of both human body and that of a painting. Great many of his works look at art nude from an innovative perspective. On the realistic in its form drawing the artist usually puts thick streaks of paint in order to build a multilayered and thus prodigiously expressive image of a human. It seems that the artist is conveying the following message: this particular body expresses a particular and unique existence.

The omnipresent deformation brings various associations depending on the context. Many figures in his paintings may resemble dreamy spectres or allude to abstraction due to deformity. Nevertheless, most of the paintings can be placed in between expressionism and onirism as well as figurative and abstractionist art.

However, the great majority of Wodyński's works to date are closer to figurative and expressionist art. In his search for hidden analogies between physicality and spirituality, the artist presents his own fresh way of looking at the idea of art nude. In his works the subject, method of presenting it, as well as emotional charge are one. This integrity proves how powerful are the works of this young artist. "

Art. Painter Piotr Klugowski
Professor at Faculty of Fine Arts Universitas Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń
, 2010


"Human with all his semantic and cultural weight still In the postmodern era remains the mysterious object of fascination, inspiration and analysis.

By my realizations I'm trying to polemicize with the processes which every living being undergoes. I'm interested in arrangement contained on the axis of birth, duration and life , dying and defecation of human body. The time is fascinating me, and especially the body clocks with time. I want to take a closer look to these processes and their metaphysics. By building individual situations, people, gestures, forms, I try to dip myself into the mystery and the alchemy of the existence, into this parts of us what are mysterious and dark, rich and sublime, the material and timeless."

Łukasz Wodyński, 2010

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