2019 Małgorzata Tarkowska – art curator, DWORZEC ZACHODNI GALLERY Toruń 

The space of the gallery resembles a garbage dump with the most terrifying waste of modern times – human. The recipient is marked with a barcode. It becomes a product and symbol of consumerism. Human voices in the sound installation become more intense. They aggressively surround the viewer in the claustrophobic space of human conversations. The artist creates a disturbing, almost post-apocalyptic world with which contemporary people struggle.
The title painting composition is filled with a crowd of convulsive figures, interpenetrating, vibrating, full of tensions and dissonances. Human mass is chaotic, but not impersonal. Individual characters stand out by existing as separate, lonely beings. Among the bodies there are unreal shapes, deformed or fragmented. Man is partially deconstructed, resembling a phantom or a bloody piece of meat. The composition is complemented by five expressive acts emerging from the fog of cool colors. The characters are in constant danger. On the one hand, they are transformed, and on the other, paradoxically, they remain lethargic between reality and nothingness. They freeze as if trapped in successive layers of thick paint.
However the chaos of existence can bring a new beginning. During his performance, the artist symbolically marks the face with white paint on a makeshift rostrum, through the symbol of anarchy referring to punk trends. It manifests salvation through a return to fundamental values. It is a radical call to save the empire of primordiality, what could be called the meaning of humanity. Wodyński deconstructs chaos, showing that chaos can be an impulse for the birth of metaphysics in the world of Bauman’s postmodernity.