JAGIELLOŃSKA 1 GALLERY / Bydgoszcz 2022 / curator: Robert Gołębiewski / photos: M. Hordowicz

As a civilization, we are reaching a critical moment of development. We degrade interpersonal links and links with the environment without realizing that we are one step away from a catastrophe. The exhibition draws a post-apocalyptic vision of reality by condensing the action on the recipient’s various senses (paintings, installations, sounds, videos). It shows the world after a great cataclysm, which leaves reminiscences of the past life that took place on the planet before. The recipient is placed in a space reminiscent of Pompeii after the explosion of Vesuvius, and the screens show scenes from life just before the catastrophe. Through the exhibition, the artist asks where we are heading in the expansion of civilization and whether it does not lead to the edge?


L.A.M. GALLERY / London 2022 / curator: Martin Scott / photos: L.A.M. GALLERY

The pace of life and the dynamic growth of the population intensify the cultivation of human egocentrism. Changes faster than humanity is able to bear pave the way towards the wall, annihilation spilled in the gold of the era, and elementary feelings are replaced by a morbid desire for independence, which is the cause of the collapse of interpersonal relationships. The exhibition combines a series of “MANIFESTATIONS” photograms printed on canvas with a series of sculptures “Hands of Midas” referring to the ancient story of the curse of the king of Phrygia turning everything he touches into gold. For Wodyński, gold becomes a perverse symbol leading to the fall of civilization.


JUSTYNA JUŁGA GALLERY / Bydgoszcz 2022 / curator: Justyna Jułga / photos: J. Jułga gallery

NEXUS – means weave, link, species. NATURE – defines the existence of the organic world. The context created by the fusion of these two concepts concerns the connection of all the world of biological forms closely related to each other like one organism. The exhibition expresses nature as a unity in the aspect of the Universe. Using inspirations with organic structures, minerals, formations, rock tectonics and sound intallation the exhibition allows you to enter a contemplative trance.


THE ARTS AND CULTURE CENTRE / Konin 2022 / curator: Robert Brzęcki / photos: M. Rybarczyk

ERROR is a multi-dimensional, multimedia exhibition combining a spectrum of sensations, consisting of images, sounds, sculptures and videos. The artist reaches for the topic of all-encompassing “digitalism”, infantilization and simplification of the world. The egocentric display of one’s life in the digital space distorts real ties with the world, generating apathy and a state of suspension analogous to a digital error, and the man himself is slowly being erased, losing his identity.


BYDGOSZCZ CENTER OF ART Bydgoszcz 2021 / curator: Marta Kardas / photos: M. Lambert

Project talks about the utopian ideals of Western civilization, creating a model of a society of quick gratification immersed in lethargy, and a man aggressively exploiting nature and drawing on its remnants is subject to deconstruction. GLOBAL WARNING is a form of shouting and warning, as well as an important question about an alternative for the further development of civilization, saving feelings and emotions and regaining bonds and connection with each other.


DWORZEC ZACHODNI GALLERY / Toruń 2019 / curator: Małgorzata Tarkowska / photos: S. Latarska & W. Zillman

Consumption, the culture of decline, garbage and mass media are to replace sensitivity and development. In the midst of all this, an image of a man is created who disappears in the mass of the community. Image, sound and text were used to build a radical space in which the artist prepared a special performance. The viewers were sealed with a bar code, and the designs of the uniforms of the exhibition staff were based on the pattern of military costumes.


A GALLERY / Starogard Gdański 2013 / curator: Adam Haras / photos: A. Stabińska & Ł. Schmidt

The exhibition presented a series of paintings and a live staging created in front of the viewer. As an integral part of the space, Wodyński planned a sound performance played by Bogusław Raatz, assuming the role of a ghost as in S. Wyspiański’s “The Wedding”. The figure, which is a kind of link with the supernatural, intangible world, has been juxtaposed with the fleshy matter of the people portrayed in the paintings. Referring to the symbolism of the EXIT sign, the artist attempted to go beyond what is known, bringing to mind crossing the border of death.


CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ART / Toruń 2011 / photos: T. Bartz

A large-format series of monumental canvases depicting deformed bodies in a naturalistic or even expressionistic way. This is a topic to which the artist frequently returns in his activities, related to the passing of time, the body and its transformations, organicity as a layer that is a carrier of gestures, facial expressions and symbols.


MAŁA GALLERY / Grudziądz 2009 / curator: Ewa Grzeszczuk / photos: MAŁA GALLERY

The exhibition presented series of works from the period of the artist’s studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The paintings oscillated around Wodyński’s figurative explorations developed in later series, announcing the direction of the analogy of corporeality, the body as a form in relation to the spiritual and emotional transcendence of the human individual.


THEATER / Grudziądz 2009 / curator: Ewa Grzeszczuk / photos: TEATR GRUDZIĄDZ

The exhibition included large-format drawings referring to the mythologization of the contemporary aesthetics of the female nude. Wodyński combined the exhibition with a musical performance presenting the repertoire of Baroque sacred music. The combination of these planes was intended to build a form of a pop culture mystery, a growing dissonance of these two concepts.