JAGIELLOŃSKA 1 GALLERY / Bydgoszcz 2022 / curator: Robert Gołębiewski / photos: M. Hordowicz

As a civilization, we are reaching a critical moment of development. We degrade interpersonal links and links with the environment without realizing that we are one step away from a catastrophe. The exhibition draws a post-apocalyptic vision of reality by condensing the action on the recipient’s various senses (paintings, installations, sounds, videos). It shows the world after a great cataclysm, which leaves reminiscences of the past life that took place on the planet before. The recipient is placed in a space reminiscent of Pompeii after the explosion of Vesuvius, and the screens show scenes from life just before the catastrophe. Through the exhibition, the artist asks where we are heading in the expansion of civilization and whether it does not lead to the edge?