Directed by: Peter Leśniewski / Music: Rafał Iwański / Production: PANDORA PICTURES

The director enters the artist’s studio, observing the very intimate process of creating the idea itself, up to bold realizations arranged into precise, multi-dimensional interdisciplinary projects. The title of the film refers to Wodyński’s manifesto, expressing rebellion and an alternative to the progressive processes of degradation of feelings, interpersonal bonds and emotions. The topics reach back to the sociological sciences present in the artist’s work, transhumanism, posthumanism and philosophical dilemmas contained in the concept of post-anthropocentrism.


Directed by: Julia Karczewska / Music by: Rafał Iwański / Production: LUCKY 9 STUDIO

A poetic image that is an alternative to the technological world, dealing with the integrity of the natural environment and its role in the continuity of human civilization. Łukasz Wodyński talks about his own feelings about man’s relationship with the natural environment. Julia Karczewska’s film, which appeals to the senses with ambient sounds and picturesque shots, takes the viewer behind the scenes of the creation of the NEXUS NATURA project.



Directed by: Pavel Shepan / Music by: Bogusław Raatz / Production: RG MEDIA

Documentary which is a collection of the artist’s activities combined with an extensive interview in which the artist introduces the ideas, techniques and media of his art world. Documentary has been released as part of the same titled catalog gathering Wodyński‘s works created to 2013. Project funded by the PROMETHEUS Regional Development Foundation.