2012, seria 32 fotografii / fotografia cyfrowa

Looking for further possibilities of expression, the artist strikes with the help of painting photographs. The naturalism of gestures and theatrical light are expressive because Wodyński, as the director, prepares the set, puts the models into a kind of trance, and he “catches” the moments walking with the camera right next to his characters. The scream is no longer silent but moves the vocal cords and the skin and muscles tense in symbolic poses.


2010, digital hptography, TIBERIUS Born Hope 2010 Self Released, Poland / CD

Through photography, the artist referred to the theme of Pieta, popular in art. For Wodyński, it is a symbol of transformation, the birth of a new beginning. Emphasizing the light on the frozen facial muscles of the main character of the composition, the artist expressed the calmness and relief of the moment of transition. The photo was used to illustrate the music publishing house of the TIBERIUS group.