We are subject to automatic fiscal mechanisms, an identification system, and networking, which we have already come to terms with. Where is the last bastion of personal freedom, identity and individualism? Performance is a reaction to civilization changes. The artist uses a barcode symbol to mark the event participants.


BYDGOSZCZ FINANCIAL CENTRE Bydgoszcz 2022 / photos: M. Hordowicz

The artist planned a strictly defined space for the performance. The interior of the building of the shopping center – a symbol of consumption, human needs, desires, desire and the infinite desire to possess a man, to surround himself with newer and newer material goods. On the escalator, in the central part of the building, Wodyński was scattering piles of clothes, rags and linen, creating a colorful rubbish heap blocking the passage. The heaps of fabrics were intended to reflect the post-modernist reality and the materialistic pursuit of human needs.

J’m – live installation

CENTRUM SZTUKI WSPÓŁCZESNEJ Toruń 2013 / Łukasz Wodyński, Xavier Bayle / music: Bogusław Raatz, Tim Sanford / curator: Daria Pysiak / photos: M. Ściesiński, A. Stabińska

The installation consisting of 2.5-metre long canvases depicting two figures: male and female, was identified by the artist with the first parents of mankind, the biblical Adam and Eve. The act of birth simulated by the performers, from crawling and crawling to cognitive symptoms, resembled animal behavior. It served the process of transforming a human being. Until the conscious act of becoming a rational being. The culminating biting of the umbilical cord – a symbol of separation, the individual became the beginning of giving a new identity.


NETFIRE GALLERY, Bydgoszcz 2013 / photos: Ł. Schmidt

Manifestations are a series of gestures, symbolic body arrangements evoking the depth of feelings and emotions related to the human being. Traumas, hopes, fears, fear of finiteness, pain, loneliness, contemplation of the very being, breath. The artist, using his body and paint, goes through the spectrum of human emotions, ritual, underlying existence. It reveals the wealth of gestures of the human body. The title contains an analogy to a series of photographs which Wodyński gave the same name.


HERKULES HALL, Bydgoszcz 2012 / photos: RG MEDIA

The form of a living creative act is for Wodyński a continuation of his painting and drawing explorations. The performance, divided into three screens, shows the process of painting models, imprinting them on canvas and finally painting the remains of their reflected silhouettes. The process refers to the theme of transience and the remnants of the memory of an individual recorded in time after its physical existence. The artist acted as the director and actor of the performance. *The recording of the performance was also used by the band QUESTION MARK to create a music video under the same title.

SECRET OF THE BODY – performance III

CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Toruń 2011 / Łukasz Wodyński, Xavier Bayle, Jarosław Pijarowski / music Bogusław Raatz / curator: Daria Pysiak / photos: obserwator toruński

The third in a series of drawing performances on corporeality, the essence of having a body, transgender, the biological penetration of the masculine into the feminine and vice versa, motifs also present in Wodyński’s painting work. Artists, under the influence of music, in the expression of gestures, lines, built a bodily tissue in front of the viewer’s eyes, thus giving a physical form to the energy of creation. Human hair was used during the campaign.