2011 Obserwator Toruński – documentarist,, CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ART in Toruń

I walked bravely into the Center Of Contemporary Art, to in the middle of it survive the intimate spectacle performed by four artists. In this case, no doubt Artists aware of media they have decided to use: lights, music, gesture, movement, coal and audience.
At the beginning I have been a little scared: too loud (not to say aggressive) melo-recital of Storyteller bit discouraged me. And it put me in a state of emotional arousal which didn’t give me to leave until the end of the show. When the artists drew the space this very Dostoyevsky state even  deepened me, because I’m a sensitive person.
So much for the theater, which main actor was the Narrator. The same who urged audience to read the line, who introduced the dynamics to the show. Movement, word and deed. In this emfazie  it was evident reference to the medieval theater where “art was shown.” I must admit that before I reached  this convention I just …was a bit embarrassed.
That shocking with a clear form clearly contrasted with the contents, which the draftsmans were involved. And they focused on a Man, at the conclusion of Man, which is an animal or even canis…. As we all remember that Pontius Pilate had comment “Ecce Homo” here where paraphrased to “Ecce canis”.