2021 Tadeusz Krajewski – critic, publicist, CENTER OF ART in Bydgoszcz 

Damaged human heads with protruding processors, frayed cables, connected to used smartphones, or hands emerging from under the surface “Fuck The Future” installation, pointing at the observer with their fingers – accusing, submissive, but also warning against the specter of a catastrophe – strike in with their intensity the most tender recipient’s sensitivity points.

Equally shocking, even overwhelming are painting compositions “Selfies”, in which we see people with a lost identity, resemble digital errors rather than people. In his project, Wodyński creates an altar of contemporary culture, the center of which is a large-format pentaptic entitled “Show” – here the host is replaced by a packet of chips, and the tabernacle is replaced by the installation “Roast”, showing the brain and heart overcooked in golden goo.

In the space of the exhibition, Wodyński shows the brutal degradation of spirituality caused by ubiquitous technology, over which we have already largely lost control. The artist rejects the naive faith in the miracle of human resurrection, revealing the dystopian nature of our reality – undoubtedly post-anthropocentric.
The posthuman world continues – but we cease to exist …

However in every sculpture, in every painting, in every installation, the creator has encoded the spiritual beauty of the individual, a beauty that is culturally difficult to discover, requiring self-cognitive effort. For Wodyński, it is the only path leading to the reactivation of humanity, each other leads to the world of never fulfilled dreams.