2010 Piotr Klugowski, Painter, Professor at Faculty of Fine Arts Universitas Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń

Wodyński focuses on the forms of both human body and that of a painting. Great many of his works look at art nude from an innovative perspective. On the realistic in its form drawing the artist usually puts thick streaks of paint in order to build a multilayered and thus prodigiously expressive image of a human. It seems that the artist is conveying the following message: this particular body expresses a particular and unique existence.

The omnipresent deformation brings various associations depending on the context. Many figures in his paintings may resemble dreamy spectres or allude to abstraction due to deformity. Nevertheless, most of the paintings can be placed in between expressionism and onirism as well as figurative and abstractionist art.

However, the great majority of Wodyński’s works to date are closer to figurative and expressionist art. In his search for hidden analogies between physicality and spirituality, the artist presents his own fresh way of looking at the idea of art nude. In his works the subject, method of presenting it, as well as emotional charge are one. This integrity proves how powerful are the works of this young artist.