2021 Michelle Adamczyk – director, GALERIE G Paris 

Art in the context of a product of thoughts can meet extremely opposing feelings, evoke all kinds of disgust, embarrassment or consternation. It can strike by asking uncomfortable questions, delight, irritate or sooth.
In the case of Wodyński’s works, the possibility of the occurrence of contradictory reactions of reception does not result from the artist’s incompetence or incompetent articulation, but from the complexity of the world he created. Taking a closer look at the artist’s attitude, grounded on the “no future” ideology and the off-radicalism, Wodyński fills his life with creation with courage and premeditation, and consciously sets an uncompromising path of his own catharsis. It illustrates fears, obsessions and a very insightful anatomy of human emotions as a response to alienation from the cold reality based on mathematical calculations. The work of this artist flows from the world of marginal underground art, standing in opposition to large mainstream centers. It is not a factory product, a puppet voice of art dealers, or a bubble of speculation. It is from the beginning to the end an idea of ??the artist, a trace of his hand and a record of his personality. Perhaps it is for this reason that each individual work, each object that comes out of his studio is small micro-worlds of feelings contained in the plane of the canvas, sculptural form, performance or video installation. Wodyński’s sensitivity is sometimes shocking, evoking extreme feelings, as is the case  in performance “Manifestations” or the series of canvases “Human Light”, and about the strength and demand for the artist’s work are not evidenced only critics but the viewers looking into themselves through radical works.