2010 Łukasz Wodyński, MAŁA GALLERY Grudziądz

Human with all his semantic and cultural weight still in the postmodern era remains the mysterious object of fascination, inspiration and analysis. By my realizations I’m trying to polemicize with the processes which every living being undergoes. I’m interested in a horizontal arrangement contained on the axis of birth, duration and life , dying and defecation of human body. The time is fascinating me, and especially the body clocks with time. I want to take a closer look to these processes and their metaphysics. By building individual situations, people, gestures, forms, I try to dip myself into the mystery and the alchemy of the existence, into this parts of us what are mysterious and dark,  rich and sublime, material and timeless.

Human at the threshold of the twenty-first century becomes a MONUMENT for me, he is symbolic, not a reflection of reality, but the result of objective truth and my own observations. Embodies the fears and secrets of his time, he is a witness, and also the author, he is the cause.

I would like to penetrate into fat and muscle slices, to enter into their structure. Through the line density, stain, color, light and shadow, softness and aggressiveness to get inside – to sacrum.